Little League style golf program
for ages 5 – 16

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Team concept – Teams will be grouped by age. Both boys and girls [coed] combined.

12 week program – First 4 weeks are instructional. These first four sessions will be handled by a Certified Golf Instructor or a PGA Instructor at a golf course.  The next 8 weeks will consist of one practice and one match for each team.  Each team may extend their practices to other facilities on their time as needed if they choose to do so.

Cost of league – $150 per child that signs up for the league this fee will include all fees for the course and instruction.  The fees will also cover liability insurance on the children in the league.  The league will also provide a shirt and visor for each participant in the league as part of a uniform.  Trophies and or medals will be awarded to each individual who participates in the league.  There will be fund raising opportunities for the league as well as individual teams.  There will be an after season party for the league or individual teams depending on the size of enrollment.

Coaching – Coaches for these teams will consist of volunteers.  These volunteers will also be given instructions on how to coach the kids throughout the golf league session.  All Coaches will be required to have a back ground check done by the league to protect the best interests of the children.  All coaches will be charged a minimal fee and will carry a coaches card that they will keep in their possession at all times during the season at practices and matches.  Coaches do not have to be “Good Golfers”.  The object of this league is to teach the very basic fundamentals of the game along with Team work, proper golf etiquette, integrity of the game, and sportsmanship.


Metro Golf Junior League Objectives – This league is designed to teach kids the game of golf by participating in a team structured environment.  The Object of this league is to “Grow the Game of Golf” by teaching kids the basic fundamentals of golf.  Golf is a great sport that kids can learn and take with them and play for the rest of their lives.  We will teach them team work, integrity of the game, sportsmanship, proper golf etiquette, and how to interact with one another in a social environment.

Weekly Format – Matches will be scored as a team every week.  Each team will compete against every other team in the league there will be no head to head weekly matches.  Matches and practices will be one hour in length [approximately 3 to 4 holes of golf] each week.  Team scores will be kept on a weekly basis.  The lowest score for the week will receive the most team points and work downwards to the fewest points for the team with the highest score.  More information on league play and scoring will develop as we learn how many kids we get signed up and how many teams we have to work with.  After the duration of each weekly match there will be a team meeting for each individual team with their coaches.  Drinks and snacks will be available to the kids after each golf match.  Drinks will be provided by the golf course and each team can provide a small snack for their team after their weekly match is over.

Metro Golf Junior League – Metro Golf Junior League is being set up not only as a Missouri Not for Profit Corporation but we are also working towards obtaining the Federal  501 (c) 3 exemption status.  We will be forming a board of directors who will run the league not only as volunteers but as a business so that we keep up the integrity of the league at all times. We will seek sponsorships to help fund the league as we grow.  We will also look to build our enrollment each and every year to become competitive with the other youth sports organizations.  The goal of Metro Golf Junior League is to give kids of all skill levels and demographics a chance to be a part of the golfing community.   We are here to let kids get involved in another outdoor fun activity, and teach them a sport that they can play for the rest of their lives.  We need the help of the local communities and area golf facilities to make this happen.  The youth numbers in golf today are very bleak compared to all other sports.  We need to grow the game and make this sport accessible to kids everywhere.  Golf Clinics and the other programs out there are great! But they do not offer the average child the opportunity to go out and get the on course experience.  Golf Courses all over the community can benefit from this program.  For every child that gets involved there is a greater chance their family and friends will get involved.  Golf can easily become a new form of family entertainment throughout our communities.

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