Welcome to the Big Shot Charity Golf Challenge: The Best Selling Sponsorship Package Hands Down! 

The Big Shot Challenge easily adds excitement and raises more money at your fundraising event by selling golfers the chance to shoot our special “Dart Golf Balls” using our new and improved High Pressure Aluminum and Stainless Steel Air Cannons.  The unique experience sends golf balls soaring over 300 plus  yards with our Air Powered Golf Ball Cannons with Accuracy! 

Safety is our first priority! Our Cannons are custom built and tested safe for use with high pressure air. No plastic pipe! Very light weight! 

Dart Golf Balls built for Accuracy! No random flying golf balls into the woods or onto other fairways and tee boxes!


Incorporate the “BIG SHOT Charity Golf Challenge” into your next event and let Metro Golf do all the work!

BIG SHOT Charity Golf Challenge includes:

  • Tent, Table, Chairs
  • 1-2 Air powered golf ball launchers and air tanks
  • Closest to the target prize – Excitement and more!